Saturday, June 2, 2018

Make a Headphone Stand - Inventables Easel Power Hour Project

Inventables is hosting an Easel Power Hour Challenge contest during the month of June 2018.  They are giving away gift cards and an X-Carve CNC Machine.  In this video, I make a Headphone Stand as an example of a project that can be designed in their Easel software and carved in less than an hour.  Watch my video, then visit the Easel Power Hour Challenge page on the Inventables website for the contest rules.  Good luck!

The Headphone Stand looks great in my office.  This project can also be made using a scroll saw or other tools.  Click here to download my PDF cutting template.

Headphone Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

The headphone cord inserts perfectly into an oblong hole on the stand to keep it nice and tidy.  Plus, even the 1/4" adapter plug has a home.

Headphone Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

It is in the shape of a music note and it's cut from some really nice walnut for a classy look.  Now it's time for me to go listen to some music!  Later, Steve...

Headphone Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

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  1. The program will not let me print the headphone stand. It does not have the options for printing you typed about on the pattern.
    Thank you for any and all help sir!
    Cheryl Darbonne.

    1. I'm sorry, I have no way to figure out why your computer will not print. You should be able to just open it in Acrobat Reader and click print. Look for something under More Settings or Print Setup that says Fit to Page and make sure it's not selected. If you can get it to print, you can always measure the rectangle for the base with a ruler to make sure it matches the dimensions on the plan and your printer did not reduce/enlarge it. Hope that helps! Steve...


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