Saturday, July 11, 2020

Make a Table Top Donut Wall

I was asked to make a Donut Wall for a special birthday party.  I Googled it and learned that a Donut Wall is a fun, creative way to serve donuts at any party or event.  It's easy to make with standard lumber from the home center and basic woodworking tools.  Check out the video below.

If you would like to make one, click here to download my free Donut Wall plans.   Here are basic instructions.
  1. Cut all of the boards to size according to the plans.
  2. Drill evenly spaced 3/8" holes about 1/2" deep for the pegs.
  3. Start from the bottom and attach the thin slat, followed by the 6 wide slats.  Leave a 1" gap between each slat except for the top 2 slats.
  4. Glue in the pegs so they are straight and perpendicular to the boards.
  5. Attach the two legs.
  6. Apply finish or paint as desired.
  7. Customize the Donut Wall with a sign or banner for your particular event.

This donut wall has 20 long pegs that are long enough to hold two donuts each for a total of 40 donuts.

The legs are cut at a 15 degree angle so the donut wall leans back.  The size of this wall is perfect for a table top.

The sign at the top can be customized to fit the event.

This Donut Wall was a big hit at the birthday party and the happy new owners will be using it for more future events.