Project Plans

Below are some of my custom-designed project plans for you to download in PDF format for FREE!  If you download one of my plans, please consider making a donation to my workshop so I can continue to produce FREE woodworking content.  Also, if you build one of my projects, please send me a picture...I would love to see it!


  1. Steve: Liked your bandsaw box and want to build it real soon for a Christmas present. Do you have any instructions that I could follow to make the box? For instance how many boards? Finishing tech and such. Thanks Bruce

    1. Hi Bruce - Check out my bandsaw box video for steps. Five 3/4" thick boards would make the average size box. You can also use two pieces of 2x lumber with a thinner contrasting color board between them for a stripe effect.

  2. You like fun easy projects: have you made a guitar hanger for the wall? There is not many plans out there. Jon Peters has a nice you tube video on the subject, I was wondering what your take would be.