Saturday, September 15, 2018

Make a Mobile Planer Stand with Dust Collection

I made a mobile stand to hold my Dewalt Planer with a Shop Vac and Dustright Separator underneath.  Check out the video to see how I made it.

This compact space-saving design allows me to always keep my planer set up and ready to use.

I measured carefully to make sure the Dustright Separator with hoses connected would fit underneath the fold-out planer table.  I did not extend the table top above it so that I could easily empty the bin when it's full.

I made the compartment for the Shop Vac as small as possible while still allowing me to remove it if necessary.

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Sidebar 18 Shop Update

It's been 8 months since my last shop update, so I have a lot to catch up on.  In this video, I talk about my latest project videos, some new products I like, and what's going on in the shop.  I need to start posting these updates more regularly than every 8 months, LOL.

Below are links to the different sites and products I mentioned in the video.  Check them out!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Make a Shop Vac Hose Adapter with Fusion 360 and a 3D Printer!

Trying to find the right size adapters for shop vac hoses is so frustrating!  I don't think the size I need even exists, so I set out to design it using Fusion 360 so I can print one on my Prusa i3 3D Printer.  Check out the video below to see if it worked!

This was a very rewarding project.  I had never used Fusion 360 before and only printed a few small objects from Thingiverse on my 3D printer.  Now I feel confident that I can design and 3D print any parts that I need.  It's always awesome to learn a new skill.

Shop Vac Hose Adapter by The Carmichael Workshop

The adapter connects really well with a nice friction fit in both ends.  One end goes into the vac hose and the other end accepts the vac attachments.  It worked! 

Shop Vac Hose Adapter by The Carmichael Workshop

I would like to thank Bob at I Like to Make Stuff for sharing his knowledge in the video below.  This gave me a great head start for making my own.

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Make a Vinyl Record Album Wall Display

We have a large vinyl record collection that has been stored in crates and taking up floor space.  I made three display racks so that we could mount 180 lbs of vinyl records on the wall.  Watch my video below, then continue reading to learn more about this project and download the PDF plan.

Vinyl record albums are very heavy.  I used 1x6 lumber for for the base of the shelves, so about a 5-inch thick stack of records would fit comfortably with some wiggle room so we can flip through the records.  I fastened the display racks securely to wall studs with several long screws and washers to hold the weight.

Vinyl Record Storage by The Carmichael Workshop

Each 5-inch stack of records weighs about 15 lbs.  Each rack holds four stacks for a total of 60 lbs of records.  I made three racks, so that adds up to about 180 lbs of vinyl record albums.  Wow!

Vinyl Record Storage by The Carmichael Workshop

Here is a close-up of the end of one rack so you can see how the pieces are joined together.  If you would like to make these display racks, click here to download my PDF plan.

Vinyl Record Storage by The Carmichael Workshop