Monday, May 31, 2021

Making Four Different Beer Flights

If you've ever been to a craft brew pub, you've probably seen the wooden beer flights that they use to carry tasting glasses or pint glasses to your table so you can taste the different beers.  These make great gifts and craft fair items, and you might be able to find a local craft brewery that needs some.  In this video, I make four different Beer Flights with the Inventables X-Carve CNC Machine

I used the Inventables EASEL PRO software to design these.  Making beer flights is a perfect example of how you could use a machine like the X-Carve CNC to mass produce projects to fulfill a large order from a craft brewery.  Of course you can also make these with other tools - Click here to open my EASEL designs and download the drawings.

Easel Beer Flights

If you plan to make a beer flight, I suggest buying the glasses first so you can get accurate measurements for your design.  I bought these 5oz Tasting Glasses from Amazon.  Below are three beer flights I made for these smaller glasses.

Beer Flight

Beer Flight

Beer Flight

On my fourth design, I created EASEL designs for both the tasting glasses and the full size pint glasses.  Here is the beer flight I made for the pint glasses.  I like how the pint glasses sit in the holes securely and will not tip over when being carried.

Beer Flight

Since these beer flights will be in contact with lots of moisture and condensation, picking a finish that will last will be a challenge.  I used spray lacquer for mine which should be ok for periodic home use.  If they will be used daily, I would recommend a marine varnish that is used on boats, or an exterior paint would last a while too.  No matter what you choose, plan on refinishing or replacing the beer flights at some point in the future.

Thanks for checking out this project!  Cheers!  Steve...

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