Sunday, May 27, 2018

My First Bottle Stopper

I made my first Bottle Stopper out of pecan with the help of the fine folks at Stainless Bottle Stoppers.  Check out the video below.

Thanks to Stainless Bottle Stoppers for making it easy for me to get started in bottle stoppers.  I met them at the Atlanta Woodworking Show and mentioned I had never made one before.  One thing led to another and they sent me home with a free kit as long as I would share a video of making my first bottle stopper.  If you need some bottle stopper supplies, visit Stainless Bottle Stoppers for some great Made in USA products.

This project turned into a friendly competition between me and Freeman Woodworking.  We turned our first bottle stoppers, then shared pictures for people to vote on which one they like best and enter a giveaway for a Starter Kit on the Stainless Bottle Stoppers Instagram.  Go vote and enter if the deadline has not passed!

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