Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Making a CNC Serving Tray - An Inventables Easel and X-Carve Project

My wife requested that I make her a large Serving Tray to put on the ottoman of our new living room furniture.  This was a perfect project for the Inventables X-Carve CNC Machine.  Watch my video showing how I designed the project in the free Easel software and carved it on the X-Carve.

Anyone can create a FREE Easel account and design CNC projects, even if you don't have a CNC machine!  CLICK HERE to create your account and begin designing.  If you design a project, I would love to see it.  In Easel, click the File menu and choose Share, then click the Shared With Link option.  Copy the link and Save, then email the link to me at thecarmichaelworkshop@gmail.com.  I will review all projects submitted by June 6, 2018 and pick a few to carve out and ship back to the designers.  This is gonna be fun!

Do you have a CNC machine?  If so, click here to open my Easel project and carve one of these yourself!  The Serving Tray turned out great and my wife loves it!  It's made from ambrosia maple and hardwood plywood.  Wanna use regular tools?  Then, click here to download my FREE PDF Cutting Template for this project.  It's 21.5" square and just the right size for a large pizza!

CNC Serving Tray by The Carmichael Workshop

CNC Serving Tray by The Carmichael Workshop

CNC Serving Tray by The Carmichael Workshop


  1. As far as I'm concerned using a CNC machine is not woodworking, as the computer is doing most of the work.

    1. Interesting. Don't all power tools do most of the work? Actually for this project, I did most of the work on the computer to design it and run test files so it would cut properly on the CNC and fit together correctly.

  2. Does a painter get credit for his art or is it all about the pigments and brushes? Who takes credit for a statue: the artist who sculpted the model, or, the foundry man who cast the bronze? A CNC router is a tool, like any other. If the human maker creates inartistic tool paths, the tool will make only firewood.


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