Monday, November 17, 2014

Make a Pencil Holder for Your Workbench!

If you are like me, you are always losing your pencils.  Here is a quick and easy Pencil Box that you can make for your workbench so that you can always find a pencil.

My pencil box is about the size of a 5" cube and it's made from a cedar fence board.  I started by cutting 45 degree bevels on both sides of the board.  Making these bevel cuts before cutting the board into the four side pieces saves time.

When cutting the four sides, I used my MicroJig Grr-Ripper as a spacer between the fence and the board to make accurate, repeatable cuts.  I pulled it away to make sure the workpiece did not get trapped, then I used it to drag the piece away from the spinning blade.

I made two passes on my table saw to cut a dado in each piece to accept a plywood bottom.  The depth of the dado is about half way into the piece. 

Before assembly, I sprayed the interior sides with lacquer being careful not to spray the glue surfaces.  I used electrical tape as a band clamp to hold the pencil holder together while the glue dried.  The electrical tape stretches and pulls the joints together tightly.

It is nice to have this Pencil Holder on my workbench so I can always find a pencil when I need one.  Now I just need to keep it filled with sharpened pencils!

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