Thursday, November 27, 2014

Make a Coffee Mug Rack

It's Thanksgiving here in the USA and I'm thankful that my beautiful wife parks her car outside on the driveway so I can do woodworking on her side of the garage!  Watch the video below of the Coffee Mug Rack that I made for her to show my appreciation.  Happy Thanksgiving!

I purchased two 8-foot 1x12 pine boards from the home center for this project.  After it was completed, I had about 4 feet of 1x12 left over.  I assembled the Coffee Mug Rack using brad nails and wood glue.  Below are the basic steps to build this project.

Click here for a parts list and assembly diagram!

Step 1:  Cut two sections of 1x12 into smaller pieces so they are easier to work with.  One piece should be 23.75" and the other 26.5".

Step 2:  Cut four 1.25" wide strips from the 23.75" board for the vertical end pieces.  Cut eight 1.25" wide strips from the 26.5" board for the vertical middle pieces.

Step 3:  Cut twenty-five pieces that are 4.25" wide and 6" long for the shelves.  Cut two pieces that are 1" wide and 6" long for mounting cleats.

Step 4:  Sand all of the pieces prior to assembly.  Use 4.5" and 5.5" long spacer blocks to assemble the Coffee Mug Rack according to the picture.  Note that the height of the shelves alternates between these two sizes.  Attach mounting cleats underneath the top of the two tallest columns of shelves.

Step 5:  After the glue has dried, apply your choice of finish.  I used spray lacquer.  A spray finish would be the easiest to apply.

Step 6:  Mount the Coffee Mug Rack to two wall studs with screws or bolts.  The rack will be heavy when filled with mugs, so it is important that you mount it securely to wall studs.

Fill the rack with your favorite coffee mugs and enjoy a cup while you admire your work!


  1. Thanks a million! This is absolutely fabulous!!

  2. I've spent all day looking for a design like this--simple, inexpensive, and classy. Thanks for your demo, too, Steve. It eliminates the guess work. God Bless!


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