Friday, April 11, 2014

Workshop Bookends - Easy Woodworking Project

I made this set of Workshop Bookends from scrap 3/4" plywood and an old dull saw blade.  This is a very easy project because all of the boards are the same size, 6" x 7.25".  I rounded off two corners of each board on the bandsaw and cut a groove into two of the boards to receive the saw blades.

Cutting the saw blade in half is the most challenging part of this project, but it can be done safely with a hacksaw or an angle grinder.  Make sure you wear your safety gear and clamp the blade tightly while cutting!  I painted the surfaces of the boards gloss black and left the plywood edges exposed with a few coats of spray lacquer.

I attached non-skid shelf liner to the bottom using spray adhesive to keep the bookends from sliding.  Since I only have two books, my favorite feature of these bookends is the built-in dividers that can be used to organize magazines and tool instruction manuals.

Everyone could use a set of workshop sawblade bookends, so be creative and make a set!  They look SHARP!

Click below to watch more bookend videos from other woodworkers:


  1. Prime for cutting/slashing your hands and fingers? Did you dull out the blade first?

    1. Ha ha, no way, I think the danger and edginess of them is what makes them rock so much. The blade was dull from use, but still could cut you if you tried hard enough. There are sharper blades all over my workshop. Woodworking shops are dangerous places.


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