Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Featured Project: Book Reader's Thumb Page Holder Assistant Thingy

During my nightly YouTube woodworking video viewing session on Monday night, I watched Robert Blanford, aka RJBWoodTurner, make some of these Reading Assistant thingies.  I've seen these before, but never really was inspired to make them until after watching Bob's video.  So I headed out to the shop and made five of these things for my family of readers in about 20 minutes.  I used my drill press and bandsaw.

In Bob's video, he mentioned that he didn't have templates, so I took the liberty of creating some to share with everyone.  Bob used a 7/8" hole for the kids and said a larger hole may be needed for adults, so I created both 7/8" and 1" templates.  Click here to download the free PDF templates.

If you know any avid book readers, make them some of these Book Reader's Thumb Page Holder Assistant Thingies.  (There's just not a good name that describes what these things are.  LOL)  Oh, and the best part is no one knows what these things are until you show them, so we can all thank Bob for making us look clever!

Visit Bob's RJBWoodTurner YouTube Channel and subscribe!  Thanks Bob!

Steve's Mahogany Reading Assistants

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  1. Thanks! My grandkids requested some of these for Christmas. I was able to print the plans. Now to watch the video and get out to the shop.


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