Friday, August 2, 2013

Unboxing Rockler's Glue Applicator Kit

Rockler sent me one of their Glue Bottle Applicator Kits to try out in my shop. In this video, I demonstrate the contents of the kit and share my first impressions.  Check it out then decide if the kit might be something you can use in your shop.  Here's a quick rundown of what I think:
  • Pointed Nozzle - Feeds glue accurately into dowel holes, cracks and tight spaces.  Includes cap.
  • Wide Nozzle - Good for getting glue into wide holes, slots, dadoes and grooves.  Includes cap.
  • Glue Guide - Centers a bead of glue on board edges every time. Friction fit on pointed nozzle.
  • Funnel - Useful for people who make a mess when filling bottles.  Screws onto bottle.
  • Brush Attachment - Spreads the right amount of glue where you want it on small boards.
  • Roller Attachment - Covers large boards fast.  Includes an attached plug to seal the bottle.
  • Cleaning Brush -  Useful for cleaning crevices in attachments.
Overall, I think this will be a nice addition to my shop and will make glue ups easier.  I like that the attachments fit both Rockler and Titebond bottles.  Plus, as with the other Rockler glue products, the cleanup is easy either before or after the glue has dried.

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