Monday, July 29, 2013

OSB Handsaw Picture Frame

OSB (oriented strand board) is not the most popular wood to use for woodworking projects.  Most woodworkers would probably balk at even calling it "wood", but this piece of OSB was different. 

My daughter went for a walk with her grandmother and found this piece of OSB that someone was throwing out, so she brought it home so I could make something out of it.  This OSB is special because:  (1) She thinks it's special; (2) She thought I would think it's special; (3) She wanted to recycle it;  and (4) She believed that I would make something cool out of it. 

I could not disappoint her, so I stepped up to the challenge made this handsaw picture frame for her.  Turns out that the OSB was fun to work with and it gave this handsaw picture frame a cool construction look.

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