Monday, September 23, 2019

Making a Funko Pop Rocks Stage Set

Funko Pops are pop culture action figures made from vinyl.  I collect the Funko Pop Rocks series that features members of awesome rock bands, like KISS and Metallica.  I thought it would be cool to make a concert stage set to display them on, so check out my video below, then read on for more information about this fun project.

I'd like to thank Inventables for sponsoring this project and providing me with the X-Carve CNC Machine that made this a snap to build.  I used their free EASEL online software to design the project, then the machine cut it from a single 1x12 pine board (.75"x11.25"x27").  Click here to open my EASEL project to see how it's designed.

The stage set features a large main stage with a groove in the back to hold a record album cover as a backdrop.

It also has three elevated platforms, four guitar amps, and an overhead lighting truss with an LED Light Strip.  The only other additions were three pieces of 1/2" dowel rod to raise the platforms and a little paint.  (I did not paint the surfaces that would touch the vinyl figures, as some finishes may deteriorate vinyl.)

Some of the drummer figures come with a small drum set, but some do not.  My EASEL design includes a bass drum and a pair of toms that can be glued together and painted for those ill-equipped drummers.

I have Metallica, KISS, Guns n Roses, and Rush.  Angus Young and Animal are sitting in for the missing original GNR members.  I also have The Police and Wayne's World figures in my collection (not pictured).  Thanks for checking out my project!

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