Saturday, June 20, 2015

Make a Groovy Rotating Sticker Display!

My woodworker sticker collection has been growing like a weed, so I made a Rotating Sticker Display for them using a disco mirror ball motor.  Watch my video to see how groovy it is!

This is a pretty simple project.  I cut four panels from 1/4" plywood that are about 5.75"x36".  I used the lightest plywood I could find.  I rounded over the sharp corners using a washer to draw the curve.

I made three blocks with grooves on all four sides and used these to glue together the plywood panels into a column.  I used hot glue since it dries quickly and is strong enough for this application.  I was careful to make sure the ends of the panels were even with each other.

I mounted this 1-RPM Disco Mirror Ball Motor to the bottom of my wire shelving with zip ties.  I drilled two holes in the top of the display and used wire to hang it from the motor.

This project turned out great and is a good addition to my shop.  It's great for displaying all of my stickers in one place, and it does a fine job at promoting my friends' YouTube channels in the background of my videos!  Thanks for checking out this project!

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