Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sidebar Conversation - Stickers, Crown, R2-D2, X-Carve, Contests, Pens, Georgia Channels, Viewer Projects

In this shop update, I talk about recent projects, contests, and my new X-Carve progress.  I also recommend several channels that are based in my home state of Georgia, plus I show some viewer projects.  Check it out!

Below are links to everything I talked about in this Sidebar Conversation:

Stickers - If you would like to support my shop and buy a sticker, then Click Here.  If you would like to trade stickers, email me at thecarmichaelworkshop@gmail.com for my address.  Send me your sticker and I'll send you one of mine.

Thanks to Drew Short at Rock-N H Woodshop for the awesome shirt and hat!

Thanks to the folks at Hobby 4 Charity for sending me the Pooping Moose prototype.  They are selling woodworking projects for charities in Pennsylvania, so check out their stuff.  My Twisted Christmas Tree design is one of their latest additions!  Cool!

Enter the Summers Woodworking 2x4 Contest!  The deadline is May 31st!

Thanks to Brian at Summers Woodworking for this cool pen.  From what I understand, the blank came from Marc's Ink Pens.

Thanks to Dominic’s Woodworks for hosting the Challenge Tree event!  I won some cool pen blanks and a pen kit from Zac Higgins of NV Woodwerks, so thanks to Zac for the awesome prize!

Here are some YouTube channels that are also based in Georgia.  Grab a sweet iced tea and watch some of my neighbors.  Subscribe and tell them Steve sent ya!


  1. Did you say you were going to post plans for you X-Carve table? I love the design. Thanks

    1. Hi Russ - Here's the link to the article and measured drawing. Thank you! http://www.thecarmichaelworkshop.com/2015/05/make-fold-up-x-carve-cnc-work-table.html


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