Friday, March 13, 2015

Good Times at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta!

I spent three awesome days at The Woodworking Show in Atlanta last weekend! I really enjoyed meeting a whole lot of people who watch my YouTube videos and some well-known woodworkers. If you missed the show or it doesn't visit your city, watch my video to see what it's like.

It was so cool to meet so many of my YouTube subscribers in person.  I also got to meet some other YouTube creators and bloggers, like Leldon Maxcy, David Bishop, Dave Gatton, Richard McIntosh, and Frank Kecseti from,  Thanks to all of you for stopping by the Gwinnett Woodworkers booth and saying hello! I gave out 72 of my stickers, so now I need to order more!

Chillin' with Leldon Maxcy

I was able to spend a little money and pick up a few new tools. I got a small machinist square, some V bits for the CNC, and a set of Marples chisels. Thanks to my friend Bob Brokaw for sharpening them for me. I thought they were pretty sharp straight out of the package, but after Bob did his magic, I realized how dull they came from the factory...Wow!

Thanks to David Bishop who brought me a really cool gift - a Van Halen Guitar Cutout! This is going to look great in the shop! This weekend, I plan to be lazy and recuperate after being so busy last weekend, but I'm already looking forward to The Woodworking Shows in 2016!  Hope to see you there!

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  1. thanks for sharing Steve, I have not seen any of these in NH. love to see wood working.


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