Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Copper Rose and Tongue Drum Collaboration with Ted Alexander!

My friend and fellow YouTube woodworker Ted Alexander and I decided to do a collaboration and swap projects.  I wanted to make one of Ted's Copper Roses, and Ted chose to make one of my Tongue Drums.  Be sure to watch both of our videos to see how the projects turned out!

Here is my video showing how I made the Copper Rose:

Here is Ted's video showing how he made the Tongue Drum.  Subscribe to his channel for more beautiful wood and metal projects.

This copper rose was made using an 1/8" steel rod with threads on one end, 3 nuts, a sheet of copper, and some patina chemical that you can get from Jax Chemicals.  The vase was cut from a chunk of spalted white oak.

Ted's tongue drum is made from Cherry and he designed his own tongue pattern, which was cut with his CNC machine.  Check out the legs on this beauty too!  Nice work Ted!

This collaboration was lots of fun and I really enjoyed working with Ted and learning something new.  Plus, it was a good opportunity to brush up on our acting and video editing skills!  Oh, and who knew that the YouTube LIKE button would transport you to someone else's workshop?!

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