Monday, December 22, 2014

Palletroni Pizza - A Pallet Up-Cycle Project

Would you like a slice of Palletroni Pizza?  Following the appetizing success of my 2x4 Wooden Sub Sandwich, I decided to have some more fun and make a wooden pepperoni pizza.  Watch me make this delicious Italian delight below.

This project is for the Pallet Up-Cycle Challenge hosted by Sterling Davis, where you can make anything you want out of a pallet and enter to win prizes in a random drawing.  The deadline is December 24th, 2014 so hurry if you want to enter.

I used poplar slats that I salvaged from a pallet about a year ago.  I prefer to just cut the good parts off of a pallet and trash the rest.  It's quicker and easier, plus I avoid wrestling with nails and possibly splitting the wood I'm trying to save.

Pallets can be used for all sorts of practical and artistic projects, so get creative!  The next time you see a stack of pallets, maybe you'll think of a stack of Palletroni Pizzas instead!

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