Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bandsaw Boxes Make Great Gifts!

Every year I find myself making some bandsaw boxes for Christmas gifts.  People really like receiving them, especially with a special surprise hidden in one of the drawers.  Below is a bandsaw box that I made recently while live on the air on The Summers Woodworking Show.

If you like this design, click here to download my free PDF template.  Below is the video recording of the show where I made the box and explained the process I go through while making these great gifts.

If you would like to see my other bandsaw box designs, visit my Project Plans page for pictures and more free templates.  There are other great gift projects there too.  Don't forget to put a little surprise in one of the drawers!


  1. Steve C. always does cool stuff but in my opinion Mr. Dave Watkins is the King of band saw boxes.

    1. Thanks Harry! I just looked up Dave's boxes. Very nice indeed!

    2. Oh, here's a link to Dave's Etsy store if anyone would like to see his boxes.


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