Friday, October 10, 2014

Live Edge Coat Rack

Fall weather is here and it's time to dust off our coats and jackets.  It's also a good time to spruce up your home with a Live Edge Coat Rack.  Here is a video showing how I took some ordinary coat hooks from the hardware aisle and turned them into a beautiful and functional wall-mounted coat rack.

I have never done a live edge project before.  A live edge board still has the natural edge from the side of the tree.  Whenever I try something new, I like to try it on a small project before tackling something big.  I had a small red cedar board that was perfect for this project.

To make the ends of the board blend in with the live edge, I tilted my bandsaw table and cut a random curvy shape on each end.  The cuts are at the same bevel angle as the live edge.

This is a fun and simple woodworking project that anyone can build with just a drill and jig saw.  Too bad you can't see it with coats and hats all over it!

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