Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I decided to make an indie horror flick this year for my Halloween woodworking project.  This tested both my acting and chainsaw skills.  I carved a pumpkin out of a white oak log using my Poulan chainsaw.  Watch my scary movie below to see how it turns out!

Chainsaw carving requires lots of skill, practice and attention to safety.  Chainsaw carvers use special saws, bars, chains, and even specific chain tensions to create their art.  I have over 20 years of experience using a chainsaw and I have attended a chainsaw carving class to learn about the craft.  DO NOT try this yourself without some form of chainsaw carving instruction and guidance.  

This wooden pumpkin was a great introduction to chainsaw carving because it uses only basic cuts that can be done using a standard chainsaw.  I sanded it with a random orbit sander and added the lines with a grinder.

I would like to carve a bear someday, but that will require lots more practice and investment in special equipment.  I hope you enjoy the video and I apologize for my horrific acting!  LOL

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Love the project and the video. As for the acting......? Might not want to give up that day job just yet.


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