Saturday, January 11, 2014

Recycled Drumstick Pens

I had some workshop time today, so I attempted something a little different with the drumstick pens I've been making. This time I incorporated the tips into the pens.

I went through my stash of broken sticks and found a couple that had broken in the middle. One had a wooden tip and one had a nylon tip. I prefer to play with nylon tips because of the brighter sound they have on cymbals, but they both look awesome on the tail end of a pen.

The front part of the pen requires a set length in order for the pen mechanism to work, but the back part can be any length or shape. Mounting the back section on the lathe was a little tricky since I have limited attachments. I was able to do these using just a portion of the pen mandrel on one end, then the live center on the other end.  I plan to make my own lathe attachments for these.

These are fun to make and each one is unique. I have posted these on my Etsy Store if anyone is interested in purchasing one. I will post more for sale as I have time...and as long as I keep breaking sticks!


  1. Looks Great - I love the new designs Dude!!!!

  2. Too bad I don't have the pile of busted sticks from back in school though...I could probably make every one of your YouTube subs a free one! Lol

    1. Oh I know...I've thrown away so many over the years. Wish I had them all back now. Oh well. I actually bought a pair yesterday to make pens from. I should use them at least once before I cut them up. lol


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