Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Recycled Drumstick Pens

I'm a woodworker and a drummer and I love it when I can combine these two passions of mine.  I play drums regularly in an Atlanta cover band called Riff Raff, so I go through a lot of drumsticks.  I'm always trying to find new uses for broken sticks, and I've discovered that they are perfect for making pens!
I've been making custom pens out of drumsticks for the past 6 months.  I usually turn the pens into different shapes on the lathe which removes the manufacturer's logos.  This weekend I turned a pen for a drummer friend of mine who asked me to leave the logos intact.  I shared the picture on Vic Firth's Facebook page and received quite an overwhelming response.  The pen is a little longer than the regular pen size because I worked around the logos, but it turned out really cool.

Apparently there is a demand for pens made from recycled drumsticks, so I created a listing on The Carmichael Workshop's Etsy Store where you can order a custom pen made from your recycled drumstick, furniture, trees, broken heirloom, or any chunk of solid wood that you send me.

If you are new to my website, thanks for visiting and please check out my Carmichael Workshop YouTube Channel where I feature how-to woodworking videos.  Below is my latest video showing many of my past projects.  As always, please support your local woodworkers and musicians!  Thanks, Steve...

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