Tuesday, December 3, 2013

That Harbor Freight Smell!

I went to Harbor Freight today to use a 25% Off Super Coupon and a coupon for a free LED flashlight.  Something about that Harbor Freight smell makes you feel like you're a man in the right place.

My guess would be that the smell comes from the tires or oil coating on tools in the store, but I have a theory that they purposely pump the store with that mechanical aroma to make you feel like you should buy more tools, like popcorn in a theater.  I'm not sure if the right word is smell, aroma, scent, or bouquet, but no other place smells quite like it.

With my coupon, I purchased a Sanding Belt Cleaner and it works like a charm.  I thought it might double as a Harbor Freight scented air freshener chunk, but it doesn't.  It has a 5-star rating and I highly recommend it.

I felt like I wasted a perfectly good Super Coupon on a $6.99 item, but I was happy to find this little woodworking gem and walk away with a free flashlight and a little Eau de Harbor Freight on my clothes.  When I arrived home, another Super Coupon was waiting for me in the mail.  Score!

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