Sunday, December 22, 2013

Share the Gift of Woodworking this Holiday Season!

When was the last time you showed somebody how to do their first woodworking project?  The holidays are a great time to share the gift of woodworking with a relative, friend, child or neighbor.  For a lot of us, woodworking is a solitary thing and we spend most of our shop time alone.  Try inviting someone into your shop over the holidays and help them make their first project.

This evening I taught my 11 year old daughter how to use the scroll saw to make a simple Christmas ornament.  Of all my tools, I feel most comfortable starting a child out on the scroll saw.  We searched Google Images and she picked out this Christmas Tree.  This was a great choice because she got to drill a hole and learn to cut curves, plus there were no interior cuts to complicate matters.  She was able to cut out the whole project and sand it herself in about 30 minutes.

So take the time this holiday season to share your love of woodworking with someone.  As always, use good judgement and make sure to teach good safety practices, especially when working with children and newbies.  Happy Holidays and Happy Woodworking!

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  1. Congratulations Miss C. It is good to see gals interested in handcrafting.


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