Saturday, November 28, 2020

Making Miniature Road Signs with a Scroll Saw

There are a lot of cool road signs out there and some are fantastic pieces of artwork!  I decided to pick my favorite signs that remind me of road trips with my family or landmarks in my hometown.  Watch my video below to see which road signs I picked and how I made miniature versions of them my scroll saw.

When I was young, my family would pack up the Ford station wagon and head to the beach in Florida.  On the way, we would pass time by playing a Road Sign Alphabet Game.  Start by finding a sign that contains letter A and call it out.  Then look for a sign with letter B.  Keep hunting signs for each letter, then whoever gets to the end and finds a sign with Z on it first wins.  I always wondered if anyone else playing this road trip game.

Holiday Inn Sign

These signs are made using a technique called "Segmentation".  Basically, you place a cutting template on a piece of wood, then cut the parts of the sign with the scroll saw.  Separate the parts to sand and paint them, then glue them back together to make the finished sign.

The Varsity Sign

If you would like to make some signs yourself, click here to download templates for the signs I selected.  For other signs, a simple Google Images search should find a logo or picture that you can use as a template.

Big Chicken

These signs would make great personalized gifts for people.  If you know someone who has a favorite vacation spot, restaurant, hometown landmark, or maybe is passionate about a company that they worked for, then make them a sign.  These could also be used for model railroad displays if you can cut them to scale.  Have fun!

Miniature Road Signs

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