Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Making Polygon Pencil Holders

These Polygon Pencil Holders make great gifts and craft show projects, and they are easy to make with a table saw.  In this video, I show how to make triangle, rectangle, pentagon, and hexagon pencil holders.  Check out my video showing the process below.

The Wixey Digital Angle Gauge makes it really easy to set the table saw blade to accurate angles.  I wouldn't want to try making these without it.  I put it on the table saw surface to zero it, and then put it on the blade to set it to the desired angle.  It's also backlit so it is easy to read.

There are two ways to add the bottom.  For option 1 on the left side of the picture below, I used the table saw to cut dadoes about 1/4" up from the bottom, then cut a bottom piece that fits inside the box.  For option 2 on the right, I cut a base that you can glue the top onto.  Both ways are easy to do, so it just depends on the look you are going for.

These Polygon Pencil Holders were fun to make and and they are perfect projects for small scraps that seem to pile up in the shop.  They are easy to batch out for craft shows too.  Try making a 7-sided pencil holder...I don't even know what that polygon would be called!

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  1. My pencil holder ended up looking like my son did it in 4th grade shop class... Ill keep at it, one day it might be presentable!


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