Monday, May 27, 2019

Make a DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag

I made a Rustic Wooden American Flag to hang in my office.  This is a fun project that is easy to make using supplies from the home center.  Watch my video, then read further for a list of supplies, instructions, and photos.

Below is a list of supplies that I used on this project:
  • One 15" length of a pine 1x12 board.
  • Five 8-foot 1x2 pine boards.
  • Wood Glue
  • Picture hanging wire, 2 washers, 2 screws for the hanger.
  • Minwax Tintable Water-Based Stain (Below are the Lowes formulas for custom tinting the stain Scarlet Red and True Blue, in case they remove them from their standard color list.)
Lowes True Blue Stain Formula

Lowes Scarlet Red Stain Formula

Lowes Stain Formulas

Inventables Easel Stars Project
Designing the Stars in the Inventables EASEL PRO Software
Here are the basic instructions for this project:
  1. Cut six 37" stripes.
  2. Cut seven 22" stripes.
  3. Cut four 19" braces for the back.
  4. Cut one 10.5"x15" panel.  (Note: The 1x2's from the home center can vary in width.  Measure the height of the seven short stripes and cut the panel to match.)
  5. Round over the front edges with a 1/8" roundover bit in a router.
  6. Use a blow torch to scorch the wood (if desired).
  7. Stain three 37" stripes and four 22" stripes Scarlet Red.
  8. Stain the panel True Blue.
  9. Add the stars to the panel.  I used my Inventables X-Carve CNC Machine and the EASEL PRO software to engrave the stars with a 90 degree V-Bit.  Click here to open my Stars project.
  10. Glue the flag together using minimal wood glue to avoid lots of squeeze out.
  11. Clamp the flag to pull it all together.
  12. Attach the four braces to the back with glue and nails.  Make sure one brace overlaps the joint between the union and the shorter stripes.  Space them evenly.
  13. Spray with a clear coat finish.  I used Deft Clear Wood Finish Satin Lacquer.
Rustic Wooden Flag Assembly
Assembling the Flag
If you don't have a CNC machine, check out these other options for adding stars to the panel:
Hanging the Flag
Hang the Flag using Picture Wire, Washers and Screws
This was a fun project and it looks awesome!  You can get really creative with the blow torch effect.  These flags are very popular and sell well if you would like to try to make some money from your woodworking.  God bless the U.S.A!

Rustic Wooden American Flag by The Carmichael Workshop
DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag by The Carmichael Workshop

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  1. Going to make one now looks good

    1. Great Joe! They are fun and quick to make. I think the staining was the most time consuming part, and even that was fun.

    2. Besides your CNC MACHINE what is the second best way to do the stars. I can't afford one OF those CNC MACHINED and I would like to make a few of these flags. AWESOME JOB BY THE WAY


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