Friday, December 21, 2018

Installing a WEN 3410 Air Filtration System

I bought a new WEN 3410 Air Filtration System for my shop.  It cost $126 with free shipping so I couldn't pass that up.  Check out my video of the installation then read further for more info.

Installation could not be any easier.  Pick a spot to hang it from the ceiling where it will be out of the way but near an outlet.  The power cord is about 78" long.  The instructions say to position it at least 3 feet from a corner.  It is easy to move it to a different spot if needed later.  It comes with inner and outer filters and all of the hardware needed to install it.

Screw the wood screw hooks into the rafters in a 12"x14" rectangle pattern.  Note that the hooks on the top of the unit are not centered on the unit, in case you are working around obstructions and need to hang the unit in a specific location.

Thread the nuts onto the 4 rubber coated hooks and screw them onto the unit at about the same height.  Tighten the nuts against the unit to lock them down.

Hang the chains from the ceiling hooks, then carefully lift the unit and hang it from the bottom of the chains by the rubber coated hooks.  Plug it into the nearest outlet.  Insert the batteries into the remote control and enjoy your new clean air!

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