Saturday, October 27, 2018

Make a Custom Bluetooth Speaker!

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Parts Express

A Custom Bluetooth Speaker is a great project for getting people of all ages interested in woodworking, since everyone is so attached to their phones.  They also make great gifts.  Watch my video to learn how to make one out of 1/2" walnut and maple, then make one yourself!

Click here to see the kit that I used to make this Bluetooth Speaker.  They recommend an enclosure with internal volume of 0.3 cubic feet, or 518.4 cubic inches.  My design has internal dimensions of 10"x7"x7" which is 490 cubic inches.  Although it is slightly smaller, it sounds awesome!  Click here to download my plan for this project.

The kit comes with everything you need, except for the suggested two 1" Speaker Port Tubes (Part #260-470) which are sold separately.  I also ordered a nicer Amplifier-Style Volume Knob (Part #240-2206) that looks really classy.

An Audio-In jack is included in the kit.  I mounted this on the right side of the speaker so it is easily accessible.  This jack allows you the option to connect an external device using a 3.5mm audio cable, such as a CD player.

I mounted the power adapter jack on the back so it is out of the way and not visible.  The power adapter is also included in the kit.

I bought a set of four rubber feet from Ace Hardware.  They come with really short screws, so I chose to use longer 1.25" screws that will secure the feet and the bottom to the enclosure.  Make sure you drill pilot holes in the sides to avoid splitting the wood.

I used the cutting templates in my plan to cut the mating finger joints on the corners with a scroll saw.  This worked out great.  Just make sure to cut out the correct pieces so all sides mate up correctly.  Also check for square when gluing it together.  This was a fun project to make and perfect for Scroll Saw users.  I hope it inspires you to make one too.  Rock on!

Wiring Tip!  The picture below shows where to attach the red and black wires to the power jack for the kit I used.  Connect the red wire to the terminal on the end of the center post.  Connect the black wire to the middle terminal.  The other terminal is not used for this kit.  Use electrical tape or shrink tube to isolate each connection from touching each other.


  1. Great project Steve, I may give this one a go.

    1. Awesome! I would love to see a picture if you make one.

  2. Working on putting my own together. Wondering if you could put the picture you had in the video of how to wire up the power jack. Tried to look at it but it's pretty confusing. Looks awesome.

    1. Hi Kenneth - I added the picture to this blog post. You can also pause the video to see it. I would love to see a picture when you are done. Thanks, Steve...

  3. Wondering if you could put the picture you had in the video of how to wire up the power jack. Tried to look at it but it's pretty confusing. Looks awesome.



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