Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Make a DIY Monitor Stand for a Smart TV

I made a DIY monitor stand for my new Vizio 24" Smart TV.  The stand has a height adjustment that can put the TV at eye level for computer use.  Check out the video and pictures below.

I created a set of cutting templates for this project.  Click here to download the PDF of my templates.  This stand is designed for a Vizio D24F Smart TV, so you may have to adjust the templates if you are making this project for a different TV.

DIY Monitor TV Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

The Vizio D24F Smart TV has mounting holes that are 10cm apart on center.  The holes require four metric M4 screws.  I used 16mm long screws that were too short to go through 3/4" lumber, so I drilled counter-bores to recess the screws.  Make sure there is only about 1/4" of screw that goes into the TV to prevent the screw from damaging internal components.

DIY Monitor TV Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

I made my own adjustment knob using epoxy and a 1/4"-20 bolt cut to size.  It screws into a standard 1/4"-20 threaded insert in the bracket.  This worked out great and saved me time and money by eliminating a trip to the hardware store.

DIY Monitor TV Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

Isn't that walnut just beautiful?  This was an easy custom project that can be made with just a jig saw and a drill.  If you need a monitor stand, try making one yourself!

DIY Monitor TV Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

PROJECT UPDATE!  After using the stand for a few days, I realized that the back of the TV is a little rounded, and as a result, the monitor was tilted forward slightly.  I decided to cut the bottom of the upright piece at a 3-degree angle so the monitor would tilt back a little.  This simple fix did the trick!

TV Monitor Stand by The Carmichael Workshop

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