Saturday, April 22, 2017

Making a Shadow Box Display Case for a US Army Veteran's Cane

This week I had the honor of making a Shadow Box Display Case for a cane that belonged to a United States Army P.O.W.

This project was made from Poplar with Western Red Cedar splines.  I cut a rabbet on one side of each board to accept the 1/4" plywood back.  I also cut a groove on the other side of each board to accept the front clear acrylic panel.

This U.S. Army Veteran was a Staff Sergeant, so I added a stripes emblem made from Poplar and Walnut.

The family provided me some information to make a small plaque for the display case.  I used my Inventables X-Carve to carve the plaque.  It does a much better job at carving letters than I ever could.  I sprayed the plaque with a few coats of lacquer, then sprayed flat black paint into the letters.  I wiped off the surface paint with mineral spirits and sanded any remaining paint off, then sprayed a few more coats of lacquer to seal it.

I found the perfect U.S Army fabric for the background at Walmart of all places, and attached it with spray adhesive.  I attached a picture hanging wire to the back for easy hanging.  There is room for the family to add pictures or other items into the shadow box.  This was a fun and inspirational project.  Thank you Mr. Perkins for your service!


  1. nice build Steve ,our vets and families deserve all that they can get, i do stuff for vets and families like building cabinets and capentry work on the homes and dont charge them, its an honor for me to do it take care my friend

    1. Hi Gene, thank you! That's great of you to do that. A lot of the tools I use were my dad's and he always helped others, so I try to do the same as he did and help whenever I can. Have a good weekend!

  2. Great job Steve...working on my dad's case in honor of his service in WWII...will send pic when I get it finished...

    Curtis Brock

    1. Thanks Curtis! I would love to see it when you are done.


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