Sunday, March 5, 2017

DIY Road Case for Live Audio Gear

I made a DIY Road Case for my son's band Mirthless.  Check out this video of the build plus footage of the band using the road case live on stage in Atlanta.

I enjoy making projects that combine my woodworking and live music hobbies.  When my son needed a road case for his audio gear, I got to work.  The road case holds his laptop in a drawer, a digital audio interface, and the guitarist's effect pedal board.  The laptop controls the pedal board for the guitarist and plays their backing tracks, which are sent to the PA system and the drummers earbud monitors.

The Carmichael Workshop Road Case

I could not find a good latch or hasp to hold the two front doors closed in the middle, so I made one.  It's basically a lever that is held in place by a notched piece of wood, similar to something you might see on a fence gate or barn door.

The Carmichael Workshop Road Case

The back of the case has a removable panel that is held on by Velcro.  It also contains the cables inside the case during transport.  Hand-holds cut into each side and 3" casters make it easy to move the road case around.

The Carmichael Workshop Road Case

I mounted a power strip inside to power all of the gear.  All of the inputs and outputs are easily accessible by removing the back panel.

The Carmichael Workshop Road Case

The road case worked out well at the first live show.  You can see it in the bottom-left corner of this picture. It should last for many more gigs, at least until the band hits the big time and can afford the expensive stuff!  Click here to visit the Mirthless Facebook Page!

Mirthless Live at Masquerade

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