Saturday, January 21, 2017

Make a 3D Printer Enclosure for a Prusa i3 RepRap 3D Printer!

I made an enclosure for my Folger Tech Prusa i3 RepRap 3D Printer to protect it from sawdust in the shop.  This project is specific to my 3D printer, but I hope it gives you some ideas on how to build an enclosure or display case for other items as well.

I used a combination of 3/4" plywood, 1/2" plywood, 1/4" plywood, and 1/4" plexiglass for this project.  I had all of the materials on-hand left over from other projects.  Below are the dimensions for the main parts.
  • Top and Bottom - 18" wide x 22.75" deep (3/4" plywood)
  • Sides - 23" wide x 22" tall (1/2" plywood)
  • Back - 18" x 18" (1/4" plywood)
  • Control Panel Cover - 18" wide x 4.25" tall (3/4" plywood)
3D Printer Enclosure by The Carmichael Workshop

Building the small box for the 3D printer controls was a blast.  I made careful measurements and designed it myself.  I cut all the parts from 1/4" plywood and glued them together with wood glue.  I used this On/Off Lighted Rocker Switch for the printer and LED lights.  If you have the same controller, click here to download my PDF template of the controller box.

3D Printer Control Box by The Carmichael Workshop

This was a fun project and a great opportunity to use up some plywood and plexiglass materials that were taking up space in my shop.  Look out for a 3D printed project coming soon!

3D Printer Enclosure by The Carmichael Workshop

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