Thursday, May 12, 2016

Quick and Easy Raised Garden Beds

Make these quick and easy Raised Garden Beds in just one day!  Watch my video showing the basic steps, then read further for a shopping list, step-by-step instructions, more photos, and a few awesome videos for extra inspiration!

Shopping List - Quantities shown will make one 48" square bed.
  • Four 8-foot 2x6 boards, untreated
  • A 4-foot section of 2x4, untreated
  • 40 exterior screws (2.5" or 3")
  • Landscape Fabric 
  • Stapler with 1/4" staples
  • 15-16 cubic feet preferred soil

Step-By-Step Instructions

To make a square bed from 8-foot 2x6 boards, cut each board once at 49.5".  This will also yield a shorter 46.5" piece.  You should end up with four of each size.

Cut four 11" sections of 2x4 for the corners.

Stack two 46.5" board on top of two of the 2x4 pieces, making sure the 2x4's are flush and square on the ends.  Drill pilot holes and screw them together - two screws at the end of each board.  Repeat for the other 46.5" side.

Stand the two sides up so they are vertical.  Stack two of the 49.5" boards on top, making sure the sides are flush and square with the ends of the longer sides.  Screw them together.  Carefully flip the partial assembly over and fasten the two remaining boards on the other side.

Cover the bottom with weed block landscaping fabric.  Leave some excess around the bed if you will be landscaping around the beds.  Use a stapler to fasten the fabric.  

Flip the raised bed over and position it in place.  Landscape around the beds if desired.  Fill the bed with 15-16 cubic feet of your preferred garden soil.  My wife selected Vigoro Organic Garden Soil and Miracle Gro Gardening Soil for Vegetables.

 Plant your vegetables and don't forget to water them!

Make a sign to personalize your garden.  I used an Inventables X-Carve CNC machine, but you can paint one just as easily.  Be creative!

Below are some more awesome videos that may give you some other ideas for making raised garden beds.  Enjoy and happy gardening!

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