Saturday, February 27, 2016

SawSquawk Table Saw Birdhouse

Our local woodworking club had a birdhouse contest, so I made a SawSquawk Table Saw Birdhouse.  It's inspired by the SawStop table saw.  Watch to see how I made it.

The key to making this birdhouse look like a table saw was to size all of the parts down to scale.  Click here to download my cutting templates if you would like to make one yourself.

SawSquawk Birdhouse

The main structure of the birdhouse is a box with a large top.  Before assembly, you will want to cut out the slot that will be the entry for the birds and cut the miter slots in the table top.  The top is screwed on from underneath, with no glue so that it can be removed.

Top of SawSquawk Birdhouse

The rest of this project is just a matter of accessorizing the saw with all of the parts and spray painting them.  The painting takes some patience as some parts are different colors and require some masking.

Front of SawSquawk Birdhouse

I ended up winning the 1st place prize in the Yard Art category which totally made my weekend!  Thanks to Gwinnett Woodworkers for having the contest and also to Peachtree Woodworking Supply for the awesome gift card. Below are a couple of photos of all of the entries in the Yard Art and Traditional categories.  I'm already looking forward to next year!

Gwinnett Woodworkers Birdhouse Contest

Gwinnett Woodworkers Birdhouse Contest

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