Monday, October 5, 2015

My Top 10 Woodworking In America 2015 Moments!

I had a great time at Woodworking In America this year!  Watch this video to find out what my "Top 10 WIA 2015 Moments" were.  I've always wanted to throw Top 10 cards like David Letterman with the sound of windows smashing, so this was the perfect chance.

The Video Woodworkers booth was a big hit!  It was really busy with people crowding into the aisle for the whole show.  Both days were incredible.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  I enjoyed meeting y'all and I'm looking forward to the next Video Woodworkers booth event.  The booth could show up at next year's Woodworking In America and also other woodworking events, so visit to subscribe for email notifications and updates.


  1. Guilty as charged, I love watching but don't comment much. You do a great job Steve and I appreciate your efforts.
    Doug in AZ.

    1. Thanks Doug! I appreciate it. Hope you comment again sometime. Hmm, The Woodguy...will have to look you up.


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