Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Flower Press Collaboration and Visitors to the Workshop!

I recently had some visitors in my shop to collaborate on a Flower Press project.  Cy from Cy's Corner traveled from Louisiana.  Sarah and Charley from Slowvannah Farms traveled from Savannah, GA.  And Tim Munsey of Tim's Woodworking paid me a virtual visit from California!  Watch all four parts of our Flower Press collaboration below.

Part 1 - Tim Munsey builds an awesome Flower Press.  I've never seen a flower press before.  It's a pretty cool contraption.  Tim shipped it to Cy when he was done.

Part 2 - After receiving the flower press from Tim, Cy added some beautiful floral intarsia on the top.  I love watching Cy do intarsia.  She is so good at it.  Cy brought the flower press over to my shop and it was just beautiful!

Part 3 - With the flower press complete, the next step was to prepare some frames for the pressed flowers that Sarah was going to make.  We made frames that would stand on a table top.  They had a walnut base with pecan sides and two panes of glass.  Sarah and Charley took the frames and flower press home to finish the project.

Part 4 - Back at Slowvannah Farms, Sarah squished some flowers with the flower press to get them ready to frame between the glass panes.  Watch as Sarah and Charley overcome a couple of challenges to complete the awesome framed pressed flowers.

Extras - As you can see by watching these extra clips, we had a great time visiting with each other.  This collaboration was a lot of fun and I hope to hang out with Cy, Sarah, Charley, and Tim again sometime!  

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