Friday, April 10, 2015

Transforming Scrap Wood into a Miter Saw Stand

It was a beautiful day yesterday, so I decided to open up the shop doors and make a Miter Saw Stand out of scrap wood that was taking up valuable shop space.  I didn't follow a plan...I was just winging it with the camera rolling.  Watch my video to see how it turned out!

This was a fun project, but it was a challenge to build.  You have to measure your scrap wood to see what you have, then the material will dictate the design of the project.  This is the reverse of buying material according to a plan like a regular project, so you have to make your brain think backwards.

My only requirements were for the stand to have wheels, be at a comfortable height, have a bin for sawdust, and not restrict the saw's range of motion.  I kept the back of the stand short so that the saw can move over it, yet saw dust would hit the back and fall into the bin.

Since most of the dust would be at the back of the saw, I made the bin half the depth of the stand.  This allowed space for a shelf where I could keep my tape measure, pencils, and square.

The two lower shelves are great for storing pallet boards and small cutoffs.  I was stacking these on my lumber rack, but they just got in the way and kept falling off.  So this was a huge bonus.

It's not the prettiest Miter Saw Stand, but it fits my needs just fine.  I will probably add some locking casters so I'm not chasing it around the shop, plus I may give it a really cool paint job sometime.  If you have scrap wood taking up valuable space, make something useful with it!


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  3. just built your stand with two variations for my grown son's small workshop.
    We have bought him a table drill press for Christmas. variation one I put peg board on the sides so he can hang tools and drill press accessories. variation two is the shelf above the bottom will be removable so he can store the drill press when he is using his miter saw. But your idea was brilliant. Thank you


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