Friday, August 1, 2014

Angel of Hope Whirligig

Shortly after I finished my Whac-A-Woodworker whirligig for this year's Whirligig Wars contest, my daughter asked if she could make one too.  So we walked away from the computer, TV, video games, and phone for a while and made this Angel of Hope whirligig.

I explained to her how every contest entry would benefit Make-A-Wish, and that there were children who needed help making their wishes come true a little sooner than the rest of us.  One of the prizes was for a whirligig that represented hope and inspiration, so we did some brainstorming and she came up with the idea to make a whirligig version of mom's Angel of Hope figurine.

So we drew up some outlines and cut it out, then we painted and assembled the whirligig together.  During the project, she used the drill, drill press, scroll saw, sander, wire cutters, spray adhesive, and spray paint.  She also learned how to record a video and edit it together, so we could submit it for the contest.

This is what I love about woodworking.  I got to spend some quality time with my daughter.  She got to learn some new skills.  We got to help make a child's wish come true.  And we created a whirligig that might inspire others to make one.  That's what I call a Win Win Win Win!  Thanks to Laney Shaughnessy, Steve Ramsey, and all of the sponsors who made this contest possible!

Click here to download the free PDF outlines that we used to create this whirligig!
Click here to see all of the contest entries and the results!

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  1. Great job. This past summer, my kids and I made bird houses together. These are memories that will last longer than any project we could have built. I'm glad that you spent some great quality father-daughter time and you guys built an awesome whirligig too. Keep up the great work Steve!


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