Thursday, May 8, 2014

Picture Frame with Wooden Signatures

For Mother's Day, I made my wife a picture frame that features our kids' signatures cut out of wood.  The frame is made from Western Red Cedar and the signatures are cut from Eastern Cedar.

I asked each of my kids to sign their name really large on a sheet of paper.  To help keep them the same scale, I drew some guidelines for them on the paper.  I cut around the signatures using my Craftsman 13" scroll saw and somehow I managed to avoid breaking them.

To finish off the picture frame, I cut a piece of plexiglass using a straight edge and a utility knife.  The picture and backing board are secured in place with glazing push points.  I also attached a picture frame hanger so it can be hung on a wall.  

I think it's pretty neat to have our kids' signatures cut out of wood.  This gift can be customized for many different occasions.  The most difficult part of this project was getting my kids outside to take the picture!

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