Sunday, February 9, 2014

Palletable Wine Racks

I finally got around to using the pallet I've been storing in the workshop since last Spring.  I had a special request for a pallet wine rack, so I was able to squeeze four of them out of a single 48" x 40" pallet.

Cutting apart the pallet was the easy part.  I just drew some lines where I wanted to cut and use my jig saw to cut it into the four wine racks.  I used my table saw to rip about 1" off the bottom of the front board of each one, being careful not to hit any nails.  Then I inserted some scrap plywood pieces for the bottom of each bottle section.

I cut some plywood strips for the glass hanger boards and attached them to the bottom.  I made a pattern so I could space the glass hanger slots out evenly.  The extra 1" I ripped off the front piece allows for the bottoms of the glasses to slide in.

I brushed on polyurethane to seal the wood and that gave the wine racks a nice golden color.  These were fun to make and I plan to hang one in our dining room.  I will sell the others and use that money to fill mine up!  Cheers!



  1. This is totally a superb idea of making wine racks. These racks seems like a new one who are purchased from a shop. Also they are easy to carry and best in size not so big and not so small. Your website is a best place to learn number of things. My newly purchased warehouse
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  2. Very clean cuts you have there, Steve. I'm guessing 5 bottles can fit in a single rack. Am I correct?

  3. awesome!
    going to my garage to start one!


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