Sunday, September 22, 2013

Create a Wood Bowl with a Bandsaw!

Sometimes I see a woodworking project that I just have to make.  This is one of those projects.  This bandsaw bowl is great for people who have limited shop time, and for those who like to start and finish a project in one visit to the shop.  You could even use a scroll saw or jig saw to build one.

This bowl is made up of a set of octagon-shaped rings that are stacked up on top of a center base.  All the parts can be cut from one square piece of 1x12 board, or from two 1x6 boards and glued together.  Get creative and use two different colors of wood.  Use thicker wood to make the bowl taller.  I think the hardest part of this project is deciding whether to call it a bowl or a basket.  Click here to download my FREE PDF template!

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  1. Intricate but nice design. It is somewhat somewhere in the middle between a bowl and a basket. It's certainly lovely and I think that it will really sell in the market. :)


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